Basic SUP Skills // Standing on a Paddleboard

As with any new endeavor, mastering the basics of stand up paddling is key to finding success in its more challenging aspects. If you’re just beginning, it’s important to know how to properly stand up on your board. Follow these steps to get comfortable in the water.

1. Walk your board into the water until you’re knee deep, making sure to keep the fin from getting caught on anything in the shallow waters.

2. Gingerly position yourself on your knees in the center of the board, where the handle of the board is. Place the paddle across the board, perpendicular to yourself.

3. Pick up your paddle and take a few strokes while on still on your knees, to get a feel for the movement of the board across the water.

4. Place your paddle back onto your board, perpendicular to yourself. Gently place one foot on the board, then the other, one on either side of the handle, shoulder width apart. Keep your knees bent as you slowly come to a standing position.

5. Congratulations, you are now ready to begin your paddling adventure!

Check out the video below for additional advice to get you started!