Awake SUP

Affiliate: Fatima Villarreal

Certifications: Stand Up Paddle, SUP Yoga, YOGA, Lifeguard & Freedive Certified Instructor

New mom, adventurer, water sports enthusiast, sea lover and mermaid at heart.  Fatima is the founder and senior instructor of AWAKE: Stand Up Paddle, Mermaids and SUP Yoga School established in Tulum since 2013. Born and raised in Monterrey, she found a deep sense of peace and self-discovery practicing yoga at the age of eighteen, after losing both her mom and dad in a motorcycle accident.

She made her way into the aquatic scene starting at the age of six, practicing waterboard and skiing. Gymnastics, athletics, snow skiing and snowboard are some of the sports she has practiced. Throughout the years she discovered that practicing SUP Yoga and free diving is a way for her to keep a strong bond with nature, mind and spirit.

Fatima is certified to teach the follow Paddle Into Fitness classes:

sup fitness class_advanced sup
Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga
sup yoga class_nautical flow
sup fitness class_surfer sculpt