Hi Water Lovers, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Ocean Yogis, 

Paddle Into Fitness is officially 10 years old! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the classes, trainings, retreats, workshops, and online programs over the past DECADE! I can’t believe how fast it went, and how much I still love the sport of SUP, Water Fitness, & SUP Yoga. 

I have since moved from San Diego to a smaller town up north called Ojai, got married to Noel, have a two year old son named Noah, two pitbulls, and even chickens! I have been teaching locally out of our PIF location in Ventura Harbor, and this year I am happy to announce that we will be moving the certifications to nearby beautiful Santa Barbara! If you haven’t been to Santa Barbara yet, it’s one of the most beautiful places to paddle in California where the mountains meet the ocean – a real mermaid paradise! I love reconnecting with all the PIF ambassadors, so make sure to reach out and say HI if you are in the area, and be on the lookout for some new local offerings as well. 

In honor of our 10 year anniversary, we will running a very special giveaway of a Paddle Into Fitness Yoga & Fitness Inflatable Paddleboard + a SUP Beginner’s Guide & 12-Week Paddle Fitness Program + Jai Ven Skin Suncare Kit

Here’s how to win!

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Paddle-board Contest Entry Form

We will make our selection on the Spring Equinox, so make sure to follow our accounts to see if you won! In the meantime, take a peek at the photos below to remember all the fun we have had over the past 10 years! Thank you all for being a part of Paddle Into Fitness and Float Into Fitness, and we wish you a happy new year, happy new decade, and hope you accomplish all of your wildest dreams on and off the water.

I hope to see you on the water! 
Live, Laugh, Paddle, 
Gillan Gibree