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The Paddle Into Fitness Affiliates have successfully gone through one or all three of our certification programs, and have licensed one or all five of the signature Paddle Into Fitness classes – PIF Beginner Lesson, Gentle Wave, Nautical Flow, Surfers Sculpt, or PIF Advanced SUP. You can find the Affiliate’s business location and the classes they instruct in their listing below, or use the map below to find an affiliate near you!

      Nikki Johnston Beaudoin

      Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Certifications: Paddle Canada Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddle Instructor, Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist, Power Yoga Teacher, Yoga For Stiff Guys Teacher, Stand Up Paddle Yoga Instructor (SUP Vancouver), Stand Up Paddle Fitness Instructor, Fit Chicks Fitness & Nutrition Expert (ongoing)

      Available for: Classes, Private Lessons



      Melanie Clow

      Location: Channel Islands Harbor and Ventura Harbor, California

      Certifications: RYT 200, WPA level 1, Gentle Wave, Nautical Flow, SUP Fitness

      Available for: Classes



      Michele Colombe

      Location: Falcon, CO

      Certifications: RYT-200hr through Yoga Alliance, Paddle into Fitness SUP/ SUP Yoga Certified Ambassador, WPA Level 1 Certified

      Available for: Workshops, Classes



      Lisa Fierer

      Location: Waneka Lake, Lafayette, Colorado

      Hatha Yoga Level 1-Advanced, Yoga Sculpt, Hot Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Sanskrit Teacher, Paddle Into Fitness Master Trainer

      Classes, Privates, Semi-Privates



      Leilani Gibson

      Location: 11505 NE Yacht Harbor Drive, Portland, OR 97217

      Certifications: PSUPA and WPA SUP instructor, certified Personal Trainer, and Yoga instructor.

      Available for: Workshops, retreats, lessons, fitness/yoga, race training, and adventure tours



      Christine Hoagland

      Location: Tulsa, OK

      Certifications: E-RYT 500, WPA Level 1

      Available for: Workshops, Classes, Demos



      Audrey Lee

      Location: Park City, Utah

      Certifications: PIF master trained, WPA certified SUP yoga instructor, 200 hour certified YA yoga instructor, PhD in Exercise Sport Science, Master’s degree in nutrition

      Available for: Classes, Privates, Semi-Privates



      Nicole Roebuck

      Location: Mammoth Lakes, California

      Certifications: WPA, PIF SUPYOGA, RYT 500, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, B.S. Psyc.

      Available for: Workshops, Small Group Guiding, Private Lessons, Demos, and Retreats



      Julie Thayer

      Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

      Certifications: WPA, PIF SUPYOGA, RYT-500, Yoga Therapist, B.A. Kin.

      Available for: Workshops, Classes, Demos



      Janna Van Hoof

      Location: Toronto, ON, Canada; Ecuador; Florida

      Certifications: 200hr yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, WPA and PIF master trained, ISA surf judge, CPR and Bronze Cross Lifeguard

      Available for: Classes, Certifications, Workshops, Demos, Retreats


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      These knowledgable and talented instructors located around the globe have successfully completed the Paddle Into Fitness teacher certification – either our two day WPA Paddleboard Certification, four day Yoga Alliance SUP Yoga Certification, or four day ACE SUP Fitness Certification.

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      United States


      Pauola Cerda Anchorage Alaska SUP Yoga InstructorLindsey Cortese Homer Alaska SUP Yoga InstructorSami Glascott Anchorage Alaska SUP Yoga InstructorKayla Hoog-Fry Guy Erikson Girdwood Alaska SUP Yoga InstructorLisa Keller Anchorage Alaska SUP Yoga InstructorKarl Mittelstadt Girdwood Alaska SUP Yoga InstructorLora Reed Anchorage Alaska SUP Yoga InstructorKelly Williams Kenai Alaska SUP Yoga Instructor


      Melody Elliott Eureka Springs Arkansas SUP Yoga Instructor


      Captain Amy Callaway Page Arizona SUP Yoga InstructorMelanie Caron Flagstaff Arizona SUP Yoga InstructorCaitlin Garber Tempe Arizona SUP Yoga InstructorAndie Landa Scottsdale Arizona SUP Yoga InstructorAdrian Lesoing Phoenix Arizona SUP Yoga InstructorErin Lowe Tempe Arizona SUP Yoga InstructorMary Wimmer Phoenix Arizona SUP Yoga Instructor


      Eileen Allen Truckee California SUP Yoga InstructorRick Anglemoyer Sacramento California SUP Yoga InstructorAndrea Bass San Mateo California SUP Yoga InstructorJoy Bennett San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorAbby Brown San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorMichael Butt San Francisco California SUP Yoga InstructorLaura Chamberlin Grass Valley California SUP Yoga InstructorMelanie Clow Ventura California SUP Yoga InstructorRose Cutrer San Luis Obispo California SUP Yoga InstructorHolly Davis Oceanside California SUP Yoga InstructorLori Dixon Lodi California SUP Yoga InstructorAlly English San Francisco California SUP Yoga InstructorKristen Fiello Redlands California SUP Yoga InstructorTeresa Glerup San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorHeather Grisco San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorKaren Hawkins Orange County California SUP Yoga InstructorBrie Herr San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorBreanna Hinkle Orange County California SUP Yoga InstructorKandus Johnson San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorEmi Kino San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorKelly Maginnis San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorJessica Matthews San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorErin McFarland Los Angeles California SUP Yoga InstructorKristin Niederecker Encinitas California SUP Yoga InstructorJess Parker Richmond California SUP Yoga InstructorLarissa Plagge Marina Del Rey California SUP Yoga InstructorKara Raftery San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorLisa Ramos Pleasanton California SUP Yoga InstructorCourtney Rank San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorCrystal Robertson Truckee California SUP Yoga InstructorNicole Roebuck Mammoth Lakes California SUP Yoga InstructorTraci Schanen San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorGenevieve Sherman San Diego California SUP Yoga Instructor  Brittany Slater Los Angeles California SUP Yoga InstructorJess Slimak Long Beach California SUP Yoga InstructorMara Stonefield Richmond California SUP Yoga InstructorUlmer San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorTashina Tee Tee Vincent San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorAdrienne Wagemester San Marcos California SUP Yoga InstructorSummer Ward Sacramento California SUP Yoga InstructorChristianna Wolf San Diego California SUP Yoga InstructorJanalyn Yanover San Diego California SUP Yoga Instructor


      Jennifer Bohnenkamp Littleton Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorMichele Colombe Falcon Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorShaine Ebrahimi Carbondale Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorLisa Fierer Lafayette Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorElizabeth Fortushniak Grand Junction Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorRob Hill Centennial Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorAllison McKean Denver Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorNeven Steinmetz Lafayette Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorMary Susan Stults Denver Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorMary Sundblom Carbondale Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorChristian Dodd Taylor Denver Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorKristan Vaughn Denver Colorado SUP Yoga InstructorEllie Wilkins Hartsel Colorado SUP Yoga Instructor


      Lesa Cavallero-Laraia West Hartford Connecticut SUP Yoga Instructor


      Beth Schadd Sweetwater Florida SUP Yoga Instructor


      Emily Strickland Savannah Georgia SUP Yoga InstructorJessica Taylor Savannah Georgia SUP Yoga Instructor


      Kelsey Barden Honolulu Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorLeane Darling Haleiwa Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorChelle Galarza Maui Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorNoelani Love Haleiwa Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorReika Marzouki Haleiwa Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorMolly Mattison Honolulu Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorMadelyn Quiter Haleiwa Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorAnacani Ramirez Pearl City Hawaii SUP Yoga InstructorTabitha Salomonson Kailua Hawaii SUP Yoga Instructor


      Amy Jo Wrenn Sioux City Iowa SUP Yoga Instructor


      Kristen Snyder Chicago Illinois SUP Yoga InstructorKris Wilken Normal Illinois SUP Yoga Instructor


      Laura Thorne Bloomington Indiana SUP Yoga Instructor


      Rachel Nguyen Baton Rouge Louisiana SUP Yoga Instructor


      Amy Field Boston Massachusetts SUP Yoga InstructorSabrina Gibree Brewster Massachusetts SUP Yoga InstructorMichelle Kelly Cape Cod Massachusetts SUP Yoga InstructorKelly Mara Boston Massachusetts SUP Yoga InstructorLaura Peterson Sutton Massachusetts SUP Yoga InstructorTara Regan Cape Cod Massachusetts SUP Yoga InstructorHeather Roseman Boston Massachusetts SUP Yoga InstructorJennifer Whiteley Chatham Massachusetts SUP Yoga Instructor


      Fadia Alli Bascom Ann Arbor Michigan SUP Yoga InstructorLacey Sullivan Chaput Traverse City Michigan SUP Yoga InstructorHeidi Dietrich Traverse City Michigan SUP Yoga InstructorChristie Lynn Jenuwine Traverse City Michigan SUP Yoga InstructorLara Ruddy Traverse City Michigan SUP Yoga InstructorJennifer Taylor Marquette Michigan SUP Yoga InstructorLaurel VandePutte Kalamazoo Michigan SUP Yoga InstructorJeannine Wilson Saint Joseph Michigan SUP Yoga Instructor


      Karla Hensrud-Wagner Moorhead Minnesota SUP Yoga InstructorKim Olson Ramsey Minnesota SUP Yoga InstructorLisa Borgrud Pfeifer Minnesota SUP Yoga InstructorKim Thomas Stillwater Minnesota SUP Yoga Instructor


      Lexi Bell Kansas City Missouri SUP Yoga InstructorDenette Codon Carriger Branson Missouri SUP Yoga InstructorJill Reitz Kansas City Missouri SUP Yoga Instructor


      Renee Crow Missoula Montana SUP Yoga InstructorMechelle Munroe Helena Montana SUP Yoga Instructor


      Amber Vance Fargo North Dakota SUP Yoga InstructorSara Vandenberg Fargo North Dakota SUP Yoga Instructor


      Karen Fraser Hampton New Hampshire SUP Yoga Instructor


      Emily Arena Machias New York SUP Yoga InstructorVeronica Beltran New York City SUP Yoga InstructorDionne Kress Ellicottville New York SUP Yoga InstructorJoana Meneses New York City SUP Yoga InstructorAgnieszka Pankiewicz Buffalo New York SUP Yoga InstructorChristy Rounds Ellicottville New York SUP Yoga InstructorJohn Rounds Ellicottville New York SUP Yoga InstructorPJ Sparks Cazenovia New York SUP Yoga InstructorAdele Wellman Salamanca New York SUP Yoga Instructor


      Elizabeth K Moore Columbus Ohio SUP Yoga Instructor


      Christine Hoagland Tulsa Oklahoma SUP Yoga Instructor


      Louise Botterill Portland Oregon SUP Yoga Instructorpaddle-into-fitness_sup-instructor_oregon_gibsonLaura Trefethen Portland Oregon SUP Yoga Instructor


      Kelly Kuder Kennett Square Pennsylvania SUP Yoga Instructor


      Cindy Agnew Houston Texas SUP Yoga InstructorVirginia Huffman Lubbock Texas SUP Yoga Fitness Instructor


      Rachel Ellis Farr West Utah SUP Yoga InstructorAudrey Lee Park City Utah SUP Yoga InstructorAbbie Long Moab Utah SUP Yoga InstructorDeborah Myers Brighton Utah SUP Yoga InstructorNatali Zollinger Moab Utah SUP Yoga Instructor


      Angie Claud Poqueson Virginia SUP Yoga Instructor


      Mitchie Colombe Vancouver Washington SUP Yoga InstructorLibby Kutcipal Seattle Washington SUP Yoga InstructorSarah Louisignau Washington SUP Yoga InstructorJennifer O'Toole Vancouver Washington SUP Yoga InstructorLauren Strommen Richland Washington SUP Yoga InstructorIvana Torba Richland Washington SUP Yoga Instructor


      Stefanie Kuerschner Verona Wisconsin SUP Yoga Instructor


      Morgan Remington Gilette Wyoming SUP Yoga Instructor


      Thais Taylor St John US Virgin Islands SUP Yoga Instructor



      Anne Rooms Gent Belgium SUP Yoga Instructor


      Kelsey Costanza St Thomas BVI SUP Yoga Instructor


      Lia Adlparvar Toronto Canada SUP Yoga InstructorRachel Askett Bayfield Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorKelly-Ann Babiuk Pender Island British Columbia SUP Yoga InstructorAmanda Ballas Calgary Alberta Canada SUP Yoga InstructorAmy Ballinger Hamilton Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorKelly Beaton Cochrane Alberta Canada SUP Yoga InstructorNikki Johnston Beaudoin North Vancouver British Columbia SUP Yoga InstructorJordanna Belle-Isle Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorAshley Bourgeois Winnipeg Manitoba Canada SUP Yoga InstructorJodi Boyd Calgary Alberta Canada SUP Yoga InstructorRachelle Calingasan Mississauga Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorKaren Cestra Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorTarah Coates Kincardine Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorTamara Colaizzi Guelph Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorLacie Cosgrove Alberta Canada SUP Yoga InstructorClare Day Goderich Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorKaitlin De Brabandere Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorLaura Ferr Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorErin Greene Churchill Northern Manitoba Canada SUP Yoga InstructorBrittney James Calgary Alberta Invermere British Columbia Canada SUP Yoga InstructorJenelle Kitto Calgary Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorShannon Koebel Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorAshley Lawrence Sudbury Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorJennifer Lawson Vancouver British Columbia Canada SUP Yoga InstructorDiana Lee Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorGemma LeGresley Ottawa Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorSarah Lutz Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorRobert McWilliams Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorTania Mercuri Beamsville Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorRobin Pacquing Toronto Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorShanyn Pollard St Catharines Ontario Canada SUP Yoga Instructorlauren schell toronto ontario canada SUP Yoga Instructorcarly smith sunderland ontario canada SUP Yoga InstructorKim Sosnick Alberta Canada SUP Yoga InstructorPatricia Stock Toronto Ontario canada SUP Yoga Instructorgrace stolarz halifax nova scotia canada SUP Yoga InstructorBrittany Strauss Hamilton Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorJulie Thayer Ontario Canada SUP Yoga Affiliate and InstructorAstrid Vanderlee Alberta Canada SUP Yoga InstructorJanna Van Hoof Toronto Ontario SUP Yoga InstructorWendy Wheeler Vancouver British Columbia SUP Yoga InstructorLori Wiscombe Penticton British Columbia Canada SUP Yoga InstructorNelly Youakim Mississauga Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorAlex Zaccheo Hamilton Ontario Canada SUP Yoga InstructorJenna Zdunich Saskatchewan Canada SUP Yoga Instructor


      Misty Mahuika Hong Kong China SUP Yoga Instructor


      Christina Truitt Playa Hermosa Costa Rica SUP Yoga Instructor


      Ivana Salov Split Croatia SUP Yoga Instructor


      Julia Goldstern Berlin Cologne Munich Germany SUP Yoga Instructor


      Gunita Svilane Riga Latvia SUP Yoga Instructor


      Justina Dauksaite Vilneus Lithuania SUP Yoga Instructor


      Marina Barberena mexico SUP Yoga InstructorPaula Gutierrez Veracruz Mexico SUP Yoga InstructorVictoria McNair Riviera Maya Quintana Roo Mexico SUP Yoga InstructorLeyla Morris sayulita mexico SUP Yoga InstructorAlejandro Rios Riviera Maya Quintana Roo Mexico SUP Yoga InstructorFatima Villarreal Tulum Mexico SUP Yoga Instructor


      Shayna Teutsch Browns Bay New Zealand SUP Yoga Instructor


      Michael McKenzie Santa Catalina Panama SUP Yoga Instructor


      Pamela Portugal Lima Peru SUP Yoga Instructor


      bianca jade groenevelt cape town south africa SUP Yoga Instructor


      cornelia balzarini ticino switzerland SUP Yoga InstructorJacqueline Duetsch Thalwil switzerland SUP Yoga Instructor


      Kuan-Hua Chen Taipei Taiwan SUP Yoga Instructor


      lauren hill UK and Europe SUP Yoga Instructor