Paddle into Fitness training was amazing. Loved San Diego and the people that I met in the SUP community. If you love getting on the water, going to any SUP event is highly recommended, just to meet new people is wroth it!

We trained on the water as well as on land. Yoga on the board, included teaching a beginner Gentle wave flow and advanced Vinyasa style Nautical flow. 

Portions on land can be expected to learn the basics of the paddle and board, in a Paddle 101 class. From there we take the lesson on the board and apply techniques to improve paddle stroke, turning and stopping the board.

My last day of training was SUP Fitness portion, including Advanced SUP and SUP race workshops. On land advanced stroke drills that helps on the water techniques. More turns to apply during races or relays. Drafting and more drills that would prep for SUP races. Last anchoring down and co teaching Swell sets of the paddle fit exercise.