Mandy’s Energy Boosting Pancakes

Sunday mornings are pancake mornings in my house. I love the idea of being
able to easily pack all of your favorite and essential nutrients into a few
filling flapjacks.

Since fitness is a big part of my life, I rely on food to give me the
energy and power I need for a long day of teaching SUP Yoga out on the
ocean.  The next time you get a lazy Sunday morning at home, try my recipe
for these delicious pancakes that are high in protein, antioxidants and

*Energy Boosting Pancakes *

–          2 eggs beaten

–          2 cups almond milk (or soy milk)

–          2 tablespoons brown sugar

–          2 tablespoons baking powder

–          ¼ cup safflower oil (or grapeseed/extra virgin olive oil)

–          1 cup whole wheat flour

–          1 cup rolled oats

–          1 cup blueberries

–          2 tablespoons chia seeds (or flax seeds)

–          Drizzle honey

In a mixing bowl, combine the eggs, almond milk, safflower oil, chia seeds
and honey. Then, mix in the brown sugar and baking powder, followed by the
whole wheat flour and oats. Gently fold in the blueberries, being careful
not to smush them in the process.

Bring a skillet over medium heat and place a dollop of unsalted butter in
the middle to lubricate the pan. Here is the important part: when adding
the pancake batter, only use about half of a full whisk. Start with thinner
pancakes and then make them thicker with each batch. I tried a few
different thicknesses and the ones that came out the best were on the
thinner side.

I hope you add this new recipe to your Sunday mornings and don’t forget to
put your own twist on it – add bananas, take out the oats, add dark
chocolate – whatever you want! The fun is in the process!