Ambassador Highlight // Sarah Louisignau

Join us as Paddle Into Fitness Ambassador Sarah Louisignau from Traverse City, Michigan tells us a little about the significance of stand up paddling to her life.

Sarah, what physical/mental changes have you noticed since including SUP into your life?

The SUP mentality brings me totally in the moment and is a common thread in my life with other athletic pursuits like climbing and Asana practice. Physically I have really noticed an improvement in my fast twitch muscles – especially in my legs and core.  I can slack-line so much more steadily and have noticed this change positively affect my climbing and in balancing postures on the mat like Vrksasana.

When and where do you teach?

I teach in the summers in Traverse City, and am going to be venturing into an exciting new project in Puerto Rico this fall/winter pairing SUP Yoga with wellness retreats in the tropics!

What do you like most about teaching SUP?

The elements fill my senses.  The air blowing on my skin, the smell of the water, the sound of waves lapping against my board, the liquid quality that the asanas take on – it seems meant to be.  I LOVE sharing this experience with people.  The ability to get really lost in your SUP Yoga practice is only fostered by a skilled instructor with the ability to manage the variables – this allows the student to trust and relax and explore with child-like wonder.  Most people, no matter their yoga background, are brought back to that beginner’s mind their first time on the board.  It’s so much easier to get past our egos while we are in that wonderment.  It’s beautiful to behold!

What is your favorite post-SUP snack?

Fresh fruit – I usually get off the water completely exhausted and need a quick pick-me-up.  In Puerto Rico I seek out papaya like a magnet – and I love to eat it with fresh grated ginger and lime juice!

Thanks, Sarah!

*If you’re in the Traverse City area, make sure to check out Sarah’s website,, to see when she’s available to teach!

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