Double Batch Oatmeal Recipe

Been wanting to try a new, energizing, nutritious meal to enjoy before your workout? Read below as Paddle Into Fitness Ambassador Sami Glascott shares one of her favorite recipes.

Double Batch Oatmeal

My favorite pre workout yoga recipe…

I prefer a hot cup of homemade oatmeal before my morning workouts.  Having oatmeal ready and available throughout the week helps eliminate the excuse that I haven’t eaten right to work out.

Who has the time to slow-cook oatmeal, right?  But, if you take the time just once a week, I promise you will be grateful for the energy and fullness that a good, hot bowl of delicious oatmeal will provide you.  Not just any oatmeal, mind you, oatmeal that you specially design rich in protein, essential fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants.

Start with whole-grain steel-cut oats you can find in a health food store or the organic/health section of your grocery store and cook per the instructions.  In the last 10 minutes of cooking add ingredients you may already have in your kitchen or play with new ones.  Unsalted, raw nuts, such as almonds, respond well to the steaming.  Seeds, such as flax and chia, add bulkiness and texture.  Dried fruit, such as coconut flakes, date crumbles, and berries of any kind, add sweetness.  For final spicing try cinnamon and nutmeg for a traditional touch.  Fold these ingredients into the top half of the oatmeal and be sure not to let them sit on the bottom as they may burn. Once the oatmeal is done, be sure to mix it thoroughly so that all the ingredients are well sorted throughout the pot.

When dishing up your oatmeal, be careful of the portion.  A little oatmeal goes along way.  I use a coffee cup that keeps the oatmeal warmer longer.  You can dress up your oatmeal further with flaxseed oil, honey, protein powder, and fresh fruit and berries.
Cooking oatmeal provides an opportunity to experiment with nutritious ingredients that may be new or exotic to you.  My 7-year old loves shopping with me in the bulk food section; a great place to find smaller quantities. Pick a day, Sundays for me, and spend an hour preparing your oatmeal and store it for later.  I have begun making double batches now because my husband and daughter are sharing in the goodness.  A minute in the microwave and wa-la you have the heartiest meal you could make.  So much for slow cooking!

Warning:  Once you get in the habit of cooking and eating your own oatmeal, you will find instant oatmeal, restaurant oatmeal, and cereals boring and unfulfilling.

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