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Receive training from Gillian Gibree and the rest of the Master Trainees in a comprehensive 4 day SUP master teacher training. Learn the skills and instruction to certify others in the sport of SUP, SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness.



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About The Program

As a PIF Master Trainer, you will be able to run your own Paddle Into Fitness teacher trainings (SUP, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness) and Float Into Fitness (Pool Fitness Mat Yoga & Fitness) through your company using our certification materials.You could also be selected to join the PIF traveling certification team and lead teacher trainings internationally!


We will cover presentation skills, different environments (beach, pools, marinas), teach backs, and mock trainings to get you prepared to run your OWN certifications successfully! The training will also certify you as a WPA Level 2 Instructor, which will allow you to certify students in WPA Level 1. There will be a SUP skills and water safety test before completion. If you are interested in the training, we are looking for students who have:

  • At least two years of teaching experience
  • Can successfully perform a cross bow & pivot turn
  • Can demonstrate advanced stroke technique
  • Can complete 1 mile on SUP in under 18 minutes (all around board) or 16 minutes (race board), swim 25 yards in under 30 seconds, and perform a board flip rescue.
  • Have all certifications up to date (First Aid, CPR, AED, Lifeguard, Yoga & Fitness Certifications)
  • Have the Paddle Into Fitness signature classes (Beginner Lesson, Gentle Wave, Nautical Flow, Surfer’s Sculpt, Advanced SUP) and Float Into Fitness (Pool Yoga & Fitness) memorized before the training.


Float Into Fitness: As you may know, PIF has introduced a new pool certification, Float Into Fitness! The Float Into Fitness program is designed specifically for pools, and may be taught using either SUP boards or floating fitness mats. The floating fitness mats have been successful in new areas of fitness, including physical aquatic therapy, boot camp type workouts and of course aquatic YOGA and Pilates. Many gyms, athletic centers, and resorts are incorporating this program into their schedule. The Float Into Fitness Master Instructor Training is included in the course! (You can choose to skip this portion if you do not plan to teach pool instruction.)

***You can only become a Master Trainer in certifications you have taken***



To apply, please send us an email with the answers to the following questions:

  • Which training are you applying for? Which training did you take with PIF?
  • How long have you been teaching SUP? SUP Yoga? SUP Fitness? How often?
  • Why do you want to become a master trainer? How do you plan on using this training?


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***There will be a licensing fee for using PIF materials***


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