Sun Salutation B // Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

This SUN B flow follows our SUN A with Genevieve, and will leaving you feeling energized and full of SUP yoga bliss! Make sure to read the breakdown of the poses below – as the video is only a quick flow to give your a visual of the poses. Happy paddling!

Mountain Pose – Ground all four corners of the feet into the board hip widths distance apart (taking a wider stance when performing yoga on your SUP helps with balance), engage the quadriceps, draw the sacrum down with core engaged. Bring the finger tips to the sky, shoulders relaxed down and away from the ears, palms facing each other. Take three breaths here.

Chair Pose – On the exhale, sit back into your chair, weight in the heels, tailbone tucked under, core engaged. Bring the arms in line with the ears, shoulders relaxed. On the inhale, open up the torso to the left for a twist, left finger tips reach back towards the tail of the board, right finger tips towards the nose, broadening through the sternum. Inhale to bring hands to center, exhale twist torso to the right. Inhale to center, exhale fold forward, flow through a vinyasa, or simply step back into downward facing dog.

Downward Facing Dog – Come into an inverted V shape on the board by bringing hands shoulder distance apart, fingers spread wide, one straight line from crown to tailbone. Place the feet hip width distance, take a deep bend in the knees while lifting the tailbone towards the sky, then exhale release the heels down to the board, quadriceps engaged, relax the neck. Find three breaths here.

Three Legged Dog – Center the right foot on the board, and on the inhale, draw the left toes to the sky, hips square, ankle flexed. Slowly begin to rotate the hips open, stacking the left over right, taking a bend in the left knee, weight distributed evenly in the hands. Come back to three legged, sweep the left leg through between the hands for a low lunge.

Modified Warrior 1 – From low lunge, drop the back knee, tuck the toes under. Tent the fingers, come to a flat spine. On the inhale, slowly lift the arms to shoulder height, keeping the front knee over the ankle, back leg strong, drawing the inner thighs together. When you find stability here, bring the arms overhead for modified warrior 1. Tuck the tailbone under, engage the core, lengthen through the fingertips with shoulders relaxed. ( Advanced option – exhale cactus the arms for a gentle backbend, shine the heart towards the sky, lift the gaze. Inhale to come back to center. )

Modified Warrior 2 – On the exhale, bring the left finger tips forward, right hand back, keeping the arms at shoulder height, extending equally in opposition. Continue to keep the inner thighs strong, sacrum drawing down towards the board, abs engaged.

Modified Reverse Warrior – Inhale to reverse the warrior by sliding the right hand down the right leg, left fingertips to the sky, finding an opening along the front side of the body. If you feel stable here, lift the gaze towards the sky. Exhale to spiral the hands down to the board and flow through a vinyasa. From down dog, repeat the series on the right side.