Beach Fitness // SUP Cross Training


Here are a few moves you can do before, after, or in between your SUP workout on the beach!


Lunge Twists

Start in a standing position with your paddle behind your back, forearms resting comfortably over the top of the paddle. Step the right foot forward, and lunge the front knee into a 90 degree angle-making sure the knee doesn’t go past the ankle. Twist the torso to the right on the exhale. Inhale to step the left leg to meet the right and repeat on the left side. Complete 5 rounds on each side.



Start by standing tall with your paddle over your head, and then jump as high as you can! Bring the paddle down to the sand, plant your palms, and jump your feet back into plank pose, with the torso in one long line. Hold for one breath, and then jump your feet back to your hands. Grab your paddle and jump high in the sand again. Repeat 10x.


Side Plank Crunch

Begin in a side plank position, with right hand planted firmly in the sand, shoulder over wrist, left arm pointed towards the sky. The body is in one long straight line of energy from the crown to the toes, with ankles stacked. Inhale the left finger tips overhead, creating a crescent shape with the body, lifting the hips high, while engaging the obliques and abs. Exhale hand back to center and curl it down underneath the ribcage. Inhale to center, and repeat these steps 5x, then switch sides.