Amanda Ballas

Affiliate: Amanda Ballas 

Certifications: Master Trainer Paddle Into Fitness, World Paddling Association Paddle Instructor, Paddle Canada Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddle Instructor, Paddle Canada River 1, PaddleFit Pro Level 2, Yoga Instructor (Hot & Flow/Iyengar), Certified Health and Nutrition Expert, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I am a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have always dreamed big! I am passionate about empowering people to discover their potential within their body, mind, and heart.  I hava a deep love for holistic medicine, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle counselling and leadership. I have recently completed my Health Coaching Designation to complement my clinical training, 

As well as a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Yoga Instructor and a Certified Health and Nutrition Expert. I also am a Master trainer for Paddle Into Fitness, Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddle Instructor, SUP Yoga & Fitness Instructor based in Calgary, AB.

I have been active all my life, being drawn to the water and anything to do with the Sun and Sand. Even being from the prairies, I always found myself living within close proximity to lakes and rivers, and as an adult travelling to the ocean on every side of North America.

I am a lover of any activity that is outdoors. I love to sweat in the sun and I believe in the power of fitness not only for physical, but for mental & emotional fitness as well. We are all responsible for creating a life we love so I try to bring the Ocean lifestyle into my prairie life each and every day

I found yoga many years ago or should I say Yoga found me. Yeah!!! It is a quintessential part of my healthy experiences in life. Whether its meditation, the asanas, spiritual practice and philosophies – Yoga continues to guide me daily on and off the mat. – #myboardismymat

It is my pleasure to offer opportunities to empower others to experience a life led with their heart to live a healthy, mindful and amazing outtdoor active lifestyle. Workshops, trainings, local and international retreats are now a thriving area of my business, as it allows for the opportunity to share with as many individuals across the globe.

I am proud to be an Ambassador for JP Australia/Imagine Paddleboards and to be a Brand Ambassador for Drink for Our Oceans, Happy Belly Kombucha, and Paddle Into Fitness. @amjballas

Amanda teaches Intro to SUP, SUP Privates, SUP Fitness Surfer’s Sculpt, and SUP Yoga. She is certified to teach the following Paddle Into Fitness courses:

sup fitness class_advanced sup
Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga
sup yoga class_nautical flow
sup fitness class_surfer sculpt