Water Safety // SUP Skills

Having been a beach lifeguard for many years, this board technique that is used with lifeguard rescue boards can also easily be used with stand up paddleboards.

In the scenario that you need to rescue a student or victim in the water, you can use your paddle board as a rescue tool. If the victim is conscience, paddle over to them and have them mount the front of your board facing the nose. Lie down on your board, and prone paddle the victim back to shore. If the victim has the strength, they can paddle in unison with you.

If the victim is unconscience, you will need to use the board flip maneuver to get them on the board. Dismount the board and turn it upside down. Place the victims hands across the board with their armpits lining up with the rails. The victim will now be on one side of the board facing you. Reach across for the opposite rails and pull the board towards yourself using your own body weight as leverage, flipping it over with the deck pad facing up again. The victim will now be lying across the center of the board. Straighten the victim out with their head facing the nose, mount the board, wave arms for backup, and prone paddle back to shore. Check out our Paddle Into Fitness Instructors in this awesome water safety video!