How To: SUP Yoga – Camel Pose

Read step by step on how to get into Camel Pose (Ustrasana) on your Paddleboard, and then check out Paddle Into Fitness Instructor Mandy’s Instructional Video below!

1. Come to standing on your knees in the center of your paddleboard, and bring your hands to your lower back with fingers facing either up or down.

2. Zip the elbows together, tuck the toes, and while pressing the hips forward, gently bring the gaze to the sky for a gentle heart opener.

3. Come back to center. Now that you are warm, try step 2 again, but this time slowly bring the palms down to meet the ankles and your gaze should be behind you. It’s normal to feel dizzy or emotional in this pose since it opens up all the chakras.

4. If you are comfortable here and would like an added challenge, untuck the toes, or reach one hand overhead.

5. When you are ready to come out, bring the hands back to the lower back for support, and gently come back to a kneeling position. You may want to close the eyes and come down to a child’s pose on your board for a few breaths to center yourself.