Leilani Gibson

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Paddle Into Fitness Affiliate Leilani Gibson

Location: 11505 NE Yacht Harbor Drive, Portland, OR 97217

Certifications: PSUPA and WPA SUP instructor, certified Personal Trainer, and Yoga instructor.

Available for: Workshops, retreats, lessons, fitness/yoga, race training, and adventure tours

Born and raised in Hawaii, Leilani loves being on, in, and near water. Combining her knowledge as personal trainer with certifications from Corepower Yoga in both Vinyasa and Hot Yoga helps her create a fun and challenging experience on the water.

As a PSUPA, WPA, and Paddle into Fitness SUP instructor Leilani teaches introductory SUP lessons, yoga/fitness classes, and leads adventure tours around the beautiful waterways of the PNW. This summer she introduced her students to SUP barre; a challenging workout combining ballet barre and Pilates on the paddle board.

Leilani loves to inspire people to get outside, connect with nature, and live their healthiest lives. Her smile is contagious and sharing SUP stoke comes naturally to her. As a former triathlete, she developed a love for distance paddling and recently paddled the 100 miles from Portland to Astoria, Oregon. Even in the rainy PNW you’ll find Leilani paddling 365 days of the year!

Leilani is certified to teach the following Paddle Into Fitness courses:

This lesson will teach you the basics of stand up paddle boarding. It covers ocean safety, proper stance and form, and paddle techniques. The price includes a board, paddle, and a leash. No matter what your experience or level of fitness, you will be paddling your very first session!
Gentle Wave © Move at a gentle pace as you balance the mind & body through meditation, breathing techniques, and asanas (physical postures) in this Hatha style class. Postures are often held longer to slowly release tension, free the joints, cleanse the body, and enable the mind to quiet. The class culminates to blissful relaxation on your board, leaving you feeling happy and free!
Nautical Flow © Develop better balance, coordination, and body strength by linking Ujjayi breathing to asanas (physical postures) through a series of sun salutations in this energizing Vinyasa class. The connection with movement and breath will ease the mind and allow you to experience a sense of peace and tranquility. The class culminates to blissful relaxation on your board, leaving you feeling happy and free!
Surfer Sculpt © Let the surf and sand take your fitness to a whole new level! From beach-based movement training and endurance-focused paddle drills to on the board balance training and a SUP yoga-inspired cool-down, this comprehensive exercise experiences blends cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance into a fun total-body workout that's sure to score you a sculpted surfer's physique.
Advanced SUP © Building off the beginner sup lesson, this session will work on your stroke technique to get you paddling like a pro! We will break down your stroke mechanics and use drills to get you paddling faster and more efficiently. Each class will include SUP interval training and practice on race starts, turns, and finishes.

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