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I wasn’t happy. I was making people around me unhappy. I work in a corporate environment, and spend most of my time in front of a computer. On March 5, 2013 during a visioning exercise – in my car- I asked myself when do I feel the most at peace and satisfied with myself? Myself replied that it was after exercise, particularly yoga, and when I am by the Ocean. I asked myself what I would do for free that combined these elements? Immediately I thought: Paddle Board Yoga! I went back to my desk and asked the computer how to get into this community. I found Paddle Into Fitness, and recognized Gillian Gibree from Roxy Outdoor fitness ads. I read on to learn she is one of the top ranking Women’s Stand up Paddlers in the world. Boom. That day I signed up for the SUP Yoga teaching training certification.

I thought about shedding my BS and living more joyfully for four months. I prepared physically (going to yoga) and mentally (keeping positive and knowing change was coming). The first day I was nervous to meet Gillian, who turned out to be one of the most humble and down to earth women I have ever met.

When the group met I was beside myself because of how many different walks of life there were in the room. Ranging from a spunky business and spirit driven lady from Cape Cod MA, to a Missionary from New Zealand that had made her trip to SD with her brand new baby.

Read the rest of Courtney’s blog about her experience at the June 2013 Certification!

  • Becky Knott Louisville, Colorado

    Enrolling in the Float Into Fitness Pool Yoga & Fitness Training was a fantastic decision! My Master Trainer Lisa, was amazingly thorough, clear, positive, and supportive, and went above and beyond in setting up and conducting my training.  Learning how to teach safe, creative, and effective yoga/fitness classes in the pool led to an immediate position as a Pool Yoga & Fitness Instructor at my local Recreation Center.  Adding this aquatic twist to familiar formats is playful and just plain FUN! People LOVE it!  What a great opportunity to help your clientele step out of their comfort zone on land and expand their exercise program in a totally new direction.  The Paddle Into Fitness training gives you the knowledge, structure, confidence, and instructional outline to teach excellent and safe classes that you will feel great about!

  • Sara Washburn Naches, Washington

    Absolutely loved Paddle Into Fitness! Professional yet personal, it’s like you’re hanging out with a bunch of good friend through out the training week. And when I left, I felt confident that I had the tools needed to start my business! After this first training I continued to get support and community from PIF and it really helped me to build my business up to what it is today, I couldn’t be more grateful for such a great experience and to be Master Trainer with PIF!

  • Sarah Louisignau

    Sarah Lou
    Traverse City, Michigan

    The training had a very surf culture California feel which I appreciated, and they taught to US, not just regurgitated verbatim from their manual. The manual was VERY thorough, and I see myself using it for other yoga related needs as well. Great photos and descriptions, as well as detailed class sequencing are very helpful just to glance at before I go out for inspiration. The information was cutting edge, relevant, and nothing like what anyone’s seen up here (Michigan) before. I have been paddleboarding for two years, and I feel like my paddling has improved ten fold this summer after the training. The techniques taught to us continue to to deliver for my students. I feel the techniques were also laid out to us in a paddle talk that is succinct and informative, which is important when offering new information to folks. Well that’s about it, sorry, I don’t think I have any negative feedback! Keep up the good work!

  • Lisa Ramos

    Lisa Ramos
    Pleasanton, California

    Gillian leads a very well-rounded SUP certification program, and the written material is informative and easy to follow. The practical training includes yoga and fitness as well as water safety. Gillian is extremely knowledgeable about the sport of paddle boarding, and she offers great advice on improving your stroke which not only makes you a faster paddler, but keeps your shoulders safe; and as a teacher, your students will appreciate that. Gillian is easy-going and fun. The 4-day training was not only a wonderful learning experience but also a blast! I would, without hesitation, recommend Paddle Into Fitness if you’re considering a SUP yoga/fitness certification program.

  • Tashina

    Venice, California

    Every single person, activity, experience, and word has truly made me realize that I am a magical, healthy being…meant to heal myself, and heal others through this art form, activity, and practice of SUP Yoga. Gillian is one of the most genuine, professional, influential, and positive kind of person, both in this industry and in life itself. The people and companies she chooses to work with are just as positive, powerful, and loving as herself. The teachers are examples of wisdom, calm strength, and grace. I love how they shared with us during their training their experiences and skills. In every moment I felt guided, support, welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.

  • Mary Susan Stults

    Mary Susan Stults
    Boulder, Colorado

    This was a truly wonderful training. I have been looking forward to this opportunity for over a year now, and this has been my favorite and most fun training to date! I really appreciated that we had classroom time, time where you led us, but also plenty of opportunity for partner teaching and round robin teaching. You are all so patient, fun, and knowledgable. It was great to receive individual feedback, and have time to ask as many questions as needed. The training felt very well rounded and well paced. It did not feel rushed, as other trainings I have been to. I couldn’t have had a more positive experience with Paddle Into Fitness! The depth of knowledge, practice, and hands on experience was critical. Gillian & Natali were a pleasure to spend a long weekend with, such very lovely ladies! I am looking forward to staying connected with an awesome group of strong, empowered, fun women!

  • Nicole Roebuck

    Nicole Roebuck
    Mammouth Lakes, California

    I had a great experience with Paddle Into Fitness! Gillian has a wealth of knowledge and paddle expertise and a lovely, nature-filled way of teaching yoga. Each of her teachers (Natali, Dave, and Kara) also add their own tips and style, and are fully available and open to questions. It was an intense, physical workout and a great inspiration for my own practice and teaching! Thank you so much for putting on this training!

  • Lisa Fierer

    Lisa Fierer
    Lafayette, Colorado

    Thank you for an amazingly balanced training, an incredible blend of being well informed with water safety and techniques, while being laid back all at the same time. I’m honored to be Paddle Into Fitness training and happy to recommend this training!

  • Joana Meneses

    Joana Meneses
    New York City, New York

    I have been in the health & fitness industry for almost 15 years taking many courses and workshops in my ongoing pursuit of learning. This was one of the most pleasurable of experiences in all my years. Not only was the course well taught and organized, but it surpasses my learning expectations in every way. From the hands on instruction, instructor and assistant approachability, the manual, equipment, location, professionalism, and structure. In addition the other students are all like minded and from all walks of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Paddle Into Fitness and my experience from beginning inquiry to this well deserved testimonial. Truly, this course embodied Live, Laugh, Paddle.

  • Cornelia Balzarini

    Cornelia Balzarini
    Losone, Switzerland

    I feel really comfortable with you, and I could learn so much in a short time. You positive words were good for me to feel good with my ‘bad english’ Thank you very much! I will never forget this great experience with you. You wake up the fire in me to go ahead. I find a new passion for the summertime and to share it with my Swiss friends. Maybe I am the first SUP Yoga teacher in Switzerland!

  • Bianca Groenevelt

    Bianca Groenevelt
    Cape Town, South Africa

    This certification was run very well – it was organized, methodical, and personal. I feel like my goals and objectives on this course were achieved and exceeded! It has opened up many opportunities in the yoga and SUP industry – and I’m so excited to grow with this wonderful sport!

  • Thais Taylor

    Thais Taylor
    St. John, U.S Virgin Islands

    Thank you, Thank you! Loved the entire group of ladies and the diversity of yoga and SUP backgrounds. I am going home feeling fully confident to super inspired to further my yoga training, spend more time on the water, and most of all share with everyone back on St. John all that I have learned during the AWESOME training! SUP stoked!

  • Shayna Teutsch

    Shayna Teutsch
    Auckland, New Zealand

    Hey Gillian! Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing 4 days of training and growth. To be honest for the first time in my life I felt very vulnerable because fitness has always been a huge part of my life and for the first time I was challenging myself at a point when my fitness was at its lowest point. But right away you all made me feel comfortable and most of all inspired to get back to my peak fitness level. So thank you for EVERYTHING! Remember you ladies always have a free place to stay in NZ! Cheers and all the best!

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